Our founder’s love for building started as a youngster in the suburbs of Eugene OR. He loved building LEGO kits and static models as a kid. His father had a mobile fabrication business for several years and was always building something cool in his shop. He learned a lot by watching him and asking questions. After moving to Idaho in the mid 80s he and his dad built a couple race cars together while he was in high school. The older he got, the more his skills improved. He could weld pretty good and had started to design some of his own stuff. In 1997 he got his first CAD job and with the help of Autocad was able to design faster and more accurately. After more than two decades in the CAD industry using all sorts of software he has the skills and expertise to provide excellent final products. He has experience in many different disciplines and software platforms like Autodesk Inventor Professional, Autocad Structural Detailing, Autodesk Advance Steel and several others. Adapting with growing technology he became interested in 3D laser scanning and 3D printing and started having some of his own personal projects prototyped while gaining knowledge about both industries. He has helped several entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality using 3D laser scanning, 3D printing and 3D CAD software.

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